A Career Guide to Your Job In Hell by Scott S. Phillips [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

A Career Guide to Your Job In Hell ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available Think your job is bad? Would you prefer to...

Shake rats to listen for their death rattles?
Have a PhD (Piled Higher, Deeper) in a craptastic job?
You're a soldier. You fight. You die. You're a bodyguard?
Work your way up in the house–sitting biz?
Drive your client around looking for hookers and snacks?
Pick up entrails to keep away predators...big predators?
Work for a harridan in a cubicle farm with a hum?
Keep Madame well oiled?
Collect dead dogs along the highway?

Two of those are for real. The rest...might be.

Exciting, horrific, funny stories by Scott S. Phillips, Nathan Long, John Jos. Miller, Victor Milan, Brandie Tarvin, Scott Denning, Axel Howerton, Robert E. Vardeman and Scott Phillips

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